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Course Withdrawal Checklist

After the first week of class, students who withdraw from their course(s) will receive a W grade and will not receive any tuition refund unless they completely withdraw from all courses in the entire term. Please speak with your Advisor/Coach on the different impacts withdrawing can have on your academic progress and review the withdrawal/refund policy for additional information:

Follow the SMART checklist below to ensure you have reviewed all institutional aspects of withdrawing.

There are several categories of students that are not required to meet the academic qualifications. Please review the categories and check the option that applies to you. Please note that we will request documentation to verify status if any of the first 3 options below are selected. *

I understand that withdrawing from a course (s) can impact my academic progress, financial aid award and time to degree and have spoken with my Advisor/Coach and Student Finance about the impact. I have discussed my registration for the upcoming term with my Advisor/Coach and notified my Program Chair if I’m in a Graduate program.


The National Louis University Refund Policy applies to students who drop one or more courses but do not withdraw from all coursework for a term. Students will receive no charge for courses they drop prior to the start of the term or during the first week of the term. Students who are enrolled in workshops must drop at least one business day prior to the start of the workshop to receive a full refund otherwise there will be no refund.

Students must drop classes prior to the start of the term or during the first week of the term in order to not incur any tuition charges for the course(s). For classes that begin during the second part of the term students have the first week of class to drop without financial penalty. Students who drop a course (s) after the drop period will receive a "W" grade. There is no refund for withdrawals after the first week of the term unless all courses in the term are withdrawn. The undergraduate unit of credit is the quarter hour; the graduate unit of credit is the semester hour.

Review the NLU Withdrawal & Refund Policy (link will open new window)

I understand drops/withdrawals are effective on the date that the form is received by the undergraduate advisor or registrar.

Please type your name to acknowledge the above information.