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Undergraduate Transfer Student Registration Request Form

By completing this form, the student confirms that the assigned Student Success Advisor may create a course schedule for the term indicated. The Student Success Advisor will send you a schedule via email within 24 business hours. Schedule changes may be made through the add/drop deadline, which is the Sunday that ends the first week of courses.

Note that most NLU courses are 5 Quarter Hours. Full time status is considered 12 QH or more. If using financial aid, you must take at least 6 QH.

Please note any days/times that you are AVAILABLE for courses this term:
Check all that apply

Student Approval

By submitting this registration request, I am giving approval for the Student Success Advisor to create a course schedule based on my preferences and remaining degree requirements, which I will receive a confirmation email within two business days. I acknowledge my Student Success Advisor will also be reaching out to setup an appointment with me and will follow up as soon as possible. As a registered student, I will be responsible for all tuition and fees if I do not request to drop by the end of the add/drop period.